About BRI

Belt and Road Institute aims to establish a strong partnership with the political, industrial, educational, cultural, and other institutions from countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, emphasizing the Sino-Serbian relations and cooperation within 16+1 Mechanism while promoting the Initiative in other countries.

The Institute is established with the primary goal-oriented towards building and expanding a network of key stakeholders, gathered around a joint mission, and exploring opportunities to strengthen existing and create new successful partnerships while uncovering new cooperation mechanisms.


Belt and Road Institute has grown into a significant and respectable institution that enables and empowers Serbian and other Belt and Road Initiative countries’ common sustainable future.


Providing scientific and expert industrial, academic and cultural, social, and other kinds of support to the governments, companies, academia, think tanks, etc., in Serbia and countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Connecting industrial, academic, and governmental resources and coordinating various cooperation mechanisms to support Serbian and other Belt and Road Initiative countries’ common sustainable future.

Strong devotion to the common goals of sustainable and peaceful development of countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Strategic objectives

Institutes’ overall Strategic objective is to provide sustainable development and implementation of convergent visions for the joint sustainable future.

  • Maximization of the output of the Chinese companies in Serbia, CEEC, and EU
  • Internationalization of Serbian companies to the Chinese and other BRI countries markets
  • Joint ventures and other cooperation types among Chinese, Serbian, and other BRI countries’ companies, creating value streams, increasing productivity, innovativeness, etc.
  • Networking among industrial parks, science and technology parks, business incubators and accelerators, research labs, start-ups, and other institutions from China, Serbia, and other BRI countries.
  • Enhancing collaboration among universities from China, Serbia, and other BRI countries while encouraging university-industry cooperation.
  • Nurturing cultural exchange and awareness-raising about China’s, Serbian and other BRI countries’ rich historical and cultural heritage.

Cooperation Framework


  • Enchancing the Sino-Serbian “IRON FRIENDSHIP”
  • Connecting stakeholders and creating multipurpose networks
  • Networking to achieve synergy within:
Cooperation goal scope



Future Think Tanks

Disaster Relief

Industry Cooperation