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May 17th, 2024
English language

1st China-Serbia Cultural Exchange Forum
Capitol Normal University &
Belt and Road Institute, Belgrade

The Spring Assembly of the Belt and Road Institute was held. The results and adopted plans for the Year of the Dragon 2024 were summarized.
28 March, 2024
Institute for Industrial Innovation and Development from Wuhan visited the Belt and Road Institute in Belgrade. The topic of discussion was how to open up opportunities for maximum cooperation in the research and economic domains between companies from Serbia and China, as well as along the Belt and Road. Turning challenges into joint victories is what friends do. Win-win is the key concept. An agreement has been reached that leads to a future where those who do not innovate will not exist!
12 April,2024.

The Belt and Road cooperation is an opportunity for us to jointly recognize possibilities for shared achievements in the future. A successful meeting at the Institute with the top management of the HBIS steel mill from Smederevo. Through joint efforts, we strengthen our steel friendship.
10 April, 2024.

Chinese New Year – Belgrade – Kolarac

19 February, 2024

Chinese New Year – Belgrade – Galerija (Main event)

09 February, 2024

Chinese New Year – Bgd – Galerija

07 February, 2024

Chinese New Year – Smederevo

06 February, 2024